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Help the environment and go green with payroll outsourcing

Want to know more, well read on.
Most people are now getting into recycling and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. You may be feeling doubtful as a company how you can make a difference, but by engaging M & G Associates to take over your payroll function we can help you to achieve this goal for you and your company.

Instead of printing out all of your reports we transmit all of your payroll data electronically to you so you just print the essential reports and save all of it in electronic format.

You can save on envelopes and postage by sending wage payments directly to your employee’s accounts by BACS instead of paying them by cheque. It will also reduce the fuel for your employees as they will not have to make a trip to the bank to deposit their cheque.

This is not only a win win situation for you and the environment, which cannot afford to wait, but will be a motivation in your business by encouraging your staff to go green by you setting an example.

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