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Sage Training – Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Our Sage Training services are comprehensive, thorough and instructor-led. M & G Associates are well qualified to provide Sage training to local businesses in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. Having used many different versions of Sage Accounting and Sage Payroll software over the years, our Sage Training offers tips and techniques than can help your business fully utilise the functionality and time-saving processes that Sage software offers.

Our Sage training usually takes place on your premises, using your own data – this ensures that the Sage training we provide is relevant to your own, unique business needs. We’ve found training staff this way also provides a greater understanding, as you get to see real-life data entered into your own accounts or payroll software.

Sage Accounts Training / Sage 50 Training – Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

Our Sage Accounts Training programme includes Sage Instant Accounts Training and Sage 50 Training and provides tuition within the below areas. However, if the type of Sage Accounts or Sage 50 training you’re after is not below, we would be delighted to customise a training programme to suit your needs:

Basic concept Training - Sage Accounts, Instant Accounts & Sage 50 Training

  • Overview of the 3 ledger systems used with Sage Accounts, Nominal, Purchase and Sales Ledgers. Learn about key decisions, basic configuration, account coding and layout of accounts.
  • View the profit and loss and balance sheet design.
  • Setting up your financial year, currencies, tax codes, departments and company preferences.

Creating and Amending Accounts Training - Sage Accounts, Instant Accounts & Sage 50 Training

  • Learn how to set up a chart of accounts.
  • Create customer and supplier records.
  • Tailor nominal ledger records.

Bank Reconciliation Training - Sage Accounts, Instant Accounts & Sage 50 Training

  • Easily reconcile your bank account against your actual bank statement

Housekeeping Training - Sage Accounts, Instant Accounts & Sage 50 Training

  • How to back up and restore your critical data using verification

Sage Payroll Training

We offer Sage Payroll Training covering Sage Instant Payroll and Sage 50 Payroll software products. Many businesses use Sage Instant Payroll or Sage 50 Payroll to pay their employees. You’ve probably purchased it thinking it’s the best product for your business (and you were right!) then thought “where do I go from here?” Our Sage Payroll Training covers the following areas, but can be customised to suit your individual needs:

Basic concept Training – Sage Payroll

  • Overview including important company tasks, year-end and e-submissions etc.

Settings Training – Sage Payroll

  • Ensure your Sage payroll software is correctly set up
  • Learn how to create and customise settings for your company
  • How to get the best information from Sage payroll

Employee Creating Training – Sage Payroll

  • Learn how to set up employees to ensure they’re paid correctly and on time

Once your Sage software package has been installed (whether you use Sage Instant Accounts, Sage 50 or Sage 50 Payroll) our Sage Training services can teach you how to use it effectively and efficiently saving your business time and money while making sure you get the most out of your Sage software package.

If you need help installing Sage software products, have a new member of staff who is unfamiliar with Sage that needs training up or you’re just looking for some advice, please Contact Us now. M & G Associates Accountancy Services – your Sage Training expert – covering Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

If you prefer not to tackle your accounts in-house, find out about our full Bookkeeping Services and Payroll Services: all work carried out at M & G Associates uses Sage accounting software.