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Useful Website Links & Downloads for Small / Medium Business Accounting

General Business Accounting Documents

64-8 Authorising your agent 64-8.pdf
CWF1 Becoming Self Employed and Registering for National Insurance Contributions and/or Tax pdf.gif
CF10 Self employed people with small earnings pdf.gif
SA1 Registering for Self Assessment and getting a tax return pdf.gif

PAYE Documents

CWG2 Employer further guide to PAYE & NIC’s cwg2.pdf
FBI 2 Authorising your agent to use PAYE/CIS online services (Internet) fbi2.pdf
P46 Employee without form P45 p46.pdf
P46CAR Car provided for the private use of an employee or director p46car.pdf
SC2 Statutory Sick Pay, Employees statement of sickness sc3.pdf
E15 Employer helpbook for Statutory Maternity Pay e15.pdf

Limited Company Documents

CT41G Corporation Tax, New Company Details ct41g.pdf
CT41G-DCI Corporation Tax, Dormant Company ct41g-dci.pdf
CT41G-Notes Corporation Tax, Notes for New Companies ct41g-notes.pdf
  Company Formation Form company formation form m & g

VAT Documents

VAT1 Application for Registration pdf.gif
VAT1 Notes Additional information to help registration vat1notes.pdf
VAT600AA Application to join the Annual Accounting Scheme vat600aa.pdf
VAT600FRS Application to join the Flat Rate Scheme vat600frs.pdf
VAT50 Application for VAT Group Treatment vat50.pdf
VAT51 Application for VAT Group Treatment – Company Details vat51.pdf


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Useful Website Links

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